UM 1/72 SU-85M SPG




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Scott Van Aken




 The SU-85M was a modification of the SU-85, which was based on the T-34/85 chassis. This SPG entered production in late 1944 and was based on the SU-85, which was itself based on the SU-122. This was done to ease transition of crews to the new vehicle since basically little had changed other than the gun. Also, the SU-85's main gun was a true tank weapon, an 85mm D5S gun. The SU-122 was basically a howitzer. This meant that the SU-85's gun had a flatter trajectory, especially when compared to the curving trajectory of the SU-122's gun.

This made the SU-85 and SU-85M a much more usable tank destroyer. Well over 2,000 SU-85s and about 315 SU-85Ms were built before being replaced on the production line by the much more powerful SU-100. Many SU-85 and SU-85Ms were used post war by the various Iron Curtain countries.


Since this kit is basically only one sprue different from the previous SU-122, everything I said about that kit is true of this one. Well molded. No flash. Some sink areas and ejector pin markings. Only the forward upper section of the hull and the the gun are different. As usual, there are parts not used on this kit, which I suspect are for the SU-100, but not knowing that much about these vehicles, I couldn't say for sure. Since this uses the same chassis as the T-34, there are the same common sprues with the vinyl road wheels and the separate track sections.

Instructions are equally as good with clear construction drawings and color information provided as either Humbrol or generic names. You get the same small etched fret with this kit. This time, markings are only for two vehicles, one having just numbers and the other including a patriotic slogan (something like 'Beat the Cubs'). You can do them in either Soviet Army Green or in a whitewashed winter scheme. The small decal sheet is well done and should work with no problems. As you can see, it is difficult to bring out the white lettering against the very light blue background.



Add this to your list of winners when it comes to small scale armor kits. It is one that you should look for if you are into Soviet vehicles.

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