UM 1/72 SU-122 SPG




$10.98 ($9.96 at Squadron)


Three options


Scott Van Aken




Based on the T-34/76 chassis, the SU-122 entered production in late 1942. The 122mm M-30 gun could pierce 100mm armor at a distance of 1 kilometer, not bad by current standards and enough to wreak havoc with any enemy tank that got in its way. It was relatively fast with a top speed of 55 kph in perfect conditions, but rarely are conditions perfect in the field! The biggest draw-back of this and other self-propelled guns is that there was little actual azimuthal variation allowed once the gun was in position. Regardless of this, it was quite successful and over 600 were built during the war.


Since it is based on the T-34, that means that the common T-34 sprues are used on this one with two specialty sprues just for the SPG, one of which is shared with at least one other SPG kit. Molded in medium green plastic, the sprues are superbly molded with good detail, no flash and only a few problem areas with sink areas and ejector pin marks. Since it shares a common set of sprues with the T-34, that means that one has those neat vinyl road wheels. It also means plastic tracks that combine large complete sections with single tracks for the curved areas around sprockets and road wheels. It also includes the etched brass fret common with the other T-34 and T-34 based kits. The unique bits for the SU-122 are shown to the upper right.

Instructions are well done with nicely drawn construction steps and color information supplied when needed. Color references are generic and Humbrol paints. Since it is a tank there are not a ton of unusual colors. The three options are either Russian green or white, depending on if they are to be shown in a winter camouflage. The small decal sheet provides markings for three tanks in various fronts during 1943. Two are just numbered while one has the usual patriotic slogan or name.

I would be remiss not to mention that this kit had a cardboard inner liner to the box, which made it a lot sturdier than normal. As you probably know, a lot of kits come in 'envelope' type boxes that open on either end and are terribly flimsy. This additional support and protection of the kit inside is most welcome, but was only on this particular kit.


Though I'm trying not to sound like a broken record, the truth is that this is a very nice kit and a great value for the money. One gets a relatively complex kit and doesn't have to fork out major bucks for it. What's more, it looks as if it will fit without any fussing!

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