KIT: UM 1/72 GAZ-AAA truck with ZIS-2 57mm anti-tank gun
KIT #: 367
PRICE: $11.98 (10.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo-etched frets


From the first days of WWII, opposing armies made wide use of tanks against each other. This meant a rather widespread use of anti-tank guns. One of the more representative types used by the Soviet army was the ZIS-2 57mm anti-tank gun, one that was first employed in 1943 during the Kursk battles. Because they are not self propelled, they require a towing vehicle of some sort. Basically, anything that had a tow hook was fair game, but more often than not, the GAZ-AAA was used. This vehicle was the most common form of medium duty truck used during WWII, with many surviving decades after the war was over.


Taking advantage of producing both the 57mm gun and the GAZ-AAA as separate kits, UM decided it might not be a bad idea to combine the two. The GAZ-AAA has been previewed before as a 'starter truck' and is a fine little kit with plenty of detail. I'll refer you to that preview to see what the truck kit looks like. This current boxing also includes a raised canvas cover for the bed, but is shown as not being used.

The 57mm gun is a real jewel in and of itself, spoiled only by some sink areas in the gun shield and in the gun mount rails. You are even given a few rounds to scatter about or put into an ammo box that comes with the set. It comes with separate vinyl tires, something of a staple for UM wheeled vehicles.

The instructions are as well done as on other UM kits, with well drawn construction steps, color information given where needed and a color chart with Humbrol and generic name references. Not surprisingly, there are no decals with this set and you basically paint it light olive green.

March 2005


Once again, UM has come up with an excellent value for the money. A well detailed pair of kits that will make up into a nice display for the military vehicle modeler

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