UM 1/72 SdKfz 140/1 Reconnaissance tank




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As with all the fighting powers, and more than most of them, the Germans seemed to be able to come up with an incredible number of vehicle variations based on a standard chassis. This is one based on the Czech Panzer 38 (t). In this case, they basically removed the standard turret and replaced it with a lighter housing and a 20mm cannon. Developed in 1943 as a need arose for a rather well armored scout vehicle (as the standard armored cars were finding themselves easy targets), the SdKfz 140 series were the last to be produced new based on this chassis.

While they were not as fast as an armored car, they had a much better chance to survive in hostile environments, and the removal of the turret and its heavier gun made it just that much faster than the standard tank. A total of 50 of these were produced, just about all seeing service on the eastern front.


Once again, we have a kit that is based on a standard version, in this case the PzKw 38 (t) that was previewed earlier. Everything I said about that kit is germane to this one as there is only one sprue that is different between the two. This sprue is shown to the left. For the rest of the sprues and a look at the etched fret as well as an overall of the kit itself, please visit this preview.

Instructions are equally as good with clear construction drawings and color information provided as either Humbrol or generic names. Markings are generic as well providing a selection of insignia and vehicle numbers. A small decal sheet is provided.  As you can see, it is difficult to bring out the white lettering against the very light blue background. For a painting guide, there is either the overall panzer yellow vehicle shown on the back of the box, or the multi-colored version on the box art.



Once again, a very nice little 1/72 German armored vehicle. With the increased popularity of this scale amongst armor builders, you can be sure there will be much more to come.

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