KIT: UM 1/72  Mun Schl 38(t) Ammunition Carrier
KIT #: 342
PRICE: $9.98 (8.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo-etched frets


Every armor brigade needs a way to carry extra ammunition for its tanks and what better way than to utilize the chassis of the same or similar tank to haul this material. It will obviously be able to go where the standard tank goes, unlike some wheeled vehicles. The PzKw 38 (t) chassis was used in this very manner. It was a simple matter to remove the turret and use the open storage space for ammunition rounds. Since it was based on the same tank, it had the same armor protection on the sides and most of the upper surface. Thanks to the lack of the heavy turret, these were probably a bit faster than the standard tank and held only a crew of two, the driver and a gunner. These were used on all fronts during WWII.


It will be no surprise that this is exactly the same kit as the earlier previewed PzKw 38 (t). The only difference is that there is no turret and a small sprue consisting of one part replaces that assembly.

Instructions are excellent and provide clear and concise construction drawings. Paint information is given in Humbrol and generic terms. In a few places, you will have to mix paints to get the desired color (which I believe is the greyish-rust shade of the tracks). The small photoetch fret of the previous kit is also present to do a tool bin. There are markings for three vehicles, two in panzer grey and one in desert yellow. No unit information is provided. The decal sheet given is very much a generic German vehicle sheet as no kit number is provided. It is fairly well printed, matte and has a lot of carrier around the individual decals.


This would make a great companion kit for just about any German tank diorama. It is well molded and its use throughout the war makes it one that can be done in a wide variety of camo schemes.

March 2005

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