KIT: Tamiya 1/48 Kfz 70 Krupp Protze
KIT #: 32534
PRICE: $26.00 MSRP
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Diecast lower hull


(When the German Army was mobilized in 1934 after Hitler's seizure of power, one of the first things the Weapons Department started doing was selecting civilian vehicles suitable for use with the military. Criteria included reliable operation and maintenance, simple and economical construction, and an off-road ability. One light truck that was accepted was the L2H 43 Krupp Protze. This vehicle featured a unique 6x4 independent suspension and rear 4 wheel drive.

Thanks to its horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine, it was know as the 'boxer' by the troops that used it. This in turn allowed a forward sloping hood that offered excellent road vision and a low overall silhouette. The four speed transmission allowed speeds up to 70 kph. Production ended in 1942 after thousands had been produced and it was found on all fronts where the Germans fought.


This kit continues the growing catalogue of 1/48 military vehicles and though you'd not think it able to handle it, it also has a cast metal chassis, just like the tanks. It also costs as much as many of the tanks, so cheap this one isn't when you consider that you can get a nice 1/48 single engine prop kit for about the same price.

The kit looks very much like their larger 1/35 version which was one of the first military models I ever built that turned out nice. As well done as the kit is, it is marred by a number of ejector pin marks on the underside of parts, many of which will be quite noticeable when the kit is finished. There are also large sink areas in the wooden framework of the bed parts, something that will be tedious to fill. As you'd expect, the kit is not going to be difficult to assemble and for those who are fast builders, this probably will be a weekend special. The kit uses screws to hold in the suspension bits as well as the chassis to the body parts, something that one would expect with the metal chassis.  all but one of the four screw holes are then covered later by other bits. The kit also includes two sprues of men in sitting positions so you can fill all the various seats. Personally, I'd rather have had something like a flak cannon to tow behind it and fewer soldiers, but that isn't going to happen as I'd bet that things like that will be offered as a separate set.

The instructions are typical of Tamiya with nicely done construction drawings and the usual paint references that use only Tamiya references. Fortunately, these colors are pretty standard things so shouldn't be a problem . Markings are for two vehicles, both in overall panzer grey, and both from Russia in mid 1941.


With my penchant for soft skins, I find kits like this quite desirable. I'm sure we will be getting some larger trucks and perhaps even another staff car or two. Others can do the tanks, but leave the trucks for me!

January 2007

Thanks to my buddy Drew for this neat Christmas present.

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