Zvezda 1/72 Soviet 45mm Anti-tank Gun

KIT #: 6112
PRICE: $4.95 SRP
DECALS: None supplied
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


45-mm anti-tank gun model 1937 (53-K) (Russian: 45-мм противотанковая пушка образца 1937 года (53-К)) was a combination of a modified carriage of the 37 mm anti-tank gun model 1931 (built according to a documentation bought from Rheinmetall) with a 45 mm barrel. The resulting light semi-automatic anti-tank gun was adopted for Red Army service in 1937. These guns were used in the first stage of the German-Soviet War, but their anti-armor capabilities allowed them to fight successfully only with German light tanks and armored personnel carriers. Early models of the Panzer III and Panzer IV could also be knocked out at close range, but this put Soviet artillerymen in greater danger. Due to these circumstances, model 1937 guns were replaced with the more powerful model 1942. The mass production of outdated model 1937 guns was stopped in 1943. The total number of guns produced was 37,354.

The gun was employed by anti-tank platoons of rifle battalions (2 guns) and by anti-tank battalions of rifle divisions (12 guns). It was also used by separate anti-tank regiments (4-5 batteries of 4 guns each).


This is another of Zvezda's war gaming kits and this time it is a 1/72 kit, which seems to be the standard they are using for artillery. Like others in this series, it is light on parts and includes a base and a pair of figures for manning the gun. In addition, there is an ID flag that fits into the base.  As with others in this series, there is a movement card. As you can see, the base has indentations for installation of the gun and figures. It is also a nicely done rough ground appearance.

Instructions are provided and there is some painting information on the back of the box, which basically shows several views of a completed kit. As with many of these items, there are no decals. I should also note that these are snap kits. No need for glue, and while the parts are rather small, it should make an acceptable kit for the youngsters in the house.


This kit is part of a number specially done for Zvezda's 'Art of Tactic' game system. It should make into a very nice and quickly built model in its own right and is really perfect for new modelers thanks to its snap construction.



August 2011 

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