Special Ops Models 1/32 Modern Navy Flight Deck Fire Tractor

KIT #: MNFDT-3202
PRICE: $56.00  from www.coopersmodels.com
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kit


I was unable to find anything really useful on this vehicle aside from the information that it is an Entwistle model 9325, referred to as a P-25 by the Navy. There have been 60 units so far produced. Here are the specs:
  • Diesel engine power
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Quick engine change
    (QEC) design
  • 750 gallon water tank
  • 50 gallon AFFF
    concentrate tank
  • Variable foam
    proportioning system
  • 500 gallons per minute
    turret flow
  • 60 gallons per minute
    handline flow
  • 18,000 pounds (8,200 kg) gross
    vehicle weight

This is the first kit I have seen from Special Ops. They do other flight deck equipment as well as other resin bits and pieces. The kit itself is very nicely molded with the main body of the vehicle being a single casting. Despite good packing, my sample had one of the tail light guards broken away. I was pleased to see that there is no pour stub for the body. What there is are some long, thin areas on the side that will need to be cleaned up, but considering how it could have been molded, it is not going to be difficult to clean up.

The tires/wheels are handed as to left or right side and are so marked on the pour stubs. There are no axles that I could see and so you will need to make some out of metal rod and drill the body for them as well as the wheels. The rest of the resin parts are as nicely done as the body and include hoses, fire bottles, spare drums of foam, driver's seat, steering wheel and a number of other bits I could not identify. Also included are sections of solder for the hoses (nozzles are resin), wire for grab handles and a section of copper screen for the engine cooling grilles. You also get some pre-formed rings for tie-down rings.

There is a decal sheet that appears to be ALPS printed and provides the black markings for the kit. Any of the red stripes will need to be painted on. I have found images where the black stripes on this sheet were painted red as well as those depicted on the decals.

Probably the biggest issue I have of the kit is the instructions. These are basically just four photos of the completed and unpainted kit. From these photos you are supposed to be able to figure out where all the parts fit. Now if the build-up in the photos of a painted model, it might be easier, but to be honest, after looking long and hard, I was unable to figure out where some of the smaller bits were supposed to fit. A guide showing all the parts and providing a number to these parts, along with showing where the numbered parts were to fit on the photos would be a huge help.


Overall, this is an excellent kit of this important piece of modern flight deck fire fighting equipment. With the increase in the number of kits of modern USN aircraft, this one will look right at home in a diorama or simply displayed by itself.

September 2012

Thanks to www.coopersmodels.com  for the preview kit. Get yours at the link today.

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