Master Box 1/35 West European Cart

KIT #: MB3562
PRICE: $14.00 SRP 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


A few years back, Master Box provided us with a standard East European Cart. This was followed by one with horses and with riders. This has shown to be quite popular with diorama builders when doing Eastern Front work.

Now we have a West European one. This cart differs in that it is longer and the sides do not seem to be so tall. It also has spring steel suspension leafs. Like the earlier cart, this one has attachment harnesses for horses, but no horses are included. I am sure we will see a set that includes them.

The lone sprue is well molded and while there is no instruction sheet per se, two photos of the completed cart are shown on the back of the box, indicating what parts go where. No color information is provided as I guess you can pretty well paint these how you wish.

It is another interesting diorama subject from Masterbox and one that I think should do well.

May 2012

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