Lion Roar 1/35 Zundapp KS 750 with Sidecar
KIT #: L3508
PRICE: $45.50 HSRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Highly detailed multimedia kit with wire wheels


The first Zündapp motorcycle was the Z22 in 1921, the "Motorrad für Jedermann" (motorcycle for everybody), a simple and reliable design that was produced in large series. Zündapp's history of heavy motorcycles began in 1933 with the K-series. They introduced the closed engine case, a novelty at the time. (The "K" stands for "Kardanantrieb", i.e. enclosed driveshaft with two universal joints, a type of drive train, which these models featured.) The series encompassed models from 200 to 800 cc displacement and was a major success, increasing Zündapp's market share in Germany from 5% in 1931 to 18% in 1937. From 1940 on, Zündapp produced more than 18'000 units of the KS750, a sidecar with a driven side wheel and a locking differential for the German Wehrmacht.


This is not the first Zundapp motorcycle done in 1/35 as Tamiya, for one, did one with their 88mm FLAK kit. But this is by far the most detailed kit of a 1/35 motorcycle that I have seen.

The importer states:
- Accurate engine air-cooling fin details.
- Accurate photo-etched parts.
- Precise tire tread pattern with marks.
- Good selection of decals.
- Seat cushion metal spring is included.

However, this is only the tip of things. There are photo etch wire wheels, a completely detailed engine and sidecar, and there is a trailer that was often used by these vehicles included in with the kit. Actually, there are two trailers. One with wood spoke wheels and the other with steel wheels.

Molding is superb and Lion Roar has gone the extra step to ensure that all of the fragile parts are well protected. The molded etched wire wheels are provided with additional wrapping and most sprues are packaged one to a polybag.

Instructions are well done with nicely illustrated construction steps and Gunze paint references. Markings are minimal but include two grey and one tan motorcycle from 15, 24, and Grosser Deuchland panzer divisions.


This is really a superlative kit. Not inexpensive, but with detail you won't find elsewhere. Those of you who are really good will, of course, do a diorama with Indiana Jones and his father.


January 2009

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