Hobby Boss 1/35 Swedish CV90-40C IFV

KIT #: 82475
PRICE: $51.99 SRP
DECALS: Several options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) or Stridsfordon 90 (Strf 90) is a Swedish infantry fighting vehicle designed by Hägglunds where the first generation was fitted with a Bofors turret. It is currently produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds.

During the Cold War, Hägglunds started the production of a new family of Combat Vehicles called Combat Vehicle 90. In 1984, the Swedish army desired a unique vehicle with high mobility, air defence and anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection. In total five prototypes were developed; deliveries took place in 1988. These prototypes were tested during extensive trials for three years between 1988 to 1991. The first deliveries started in 1993, and now over 1000 CV90s have been delivered worldwide.

 The CV90-40C is a version for International Operations with additional all-round armour and tropical climate kit. It is only used by Sweden. It has seen combat in Afghanistan.


It is nice that Hobby Boss is offering this kit as modern military vehicles are no where near as plentiful as WWII subjects. Molded in their usual tan plastic, this one has many of the sprue sections wrapped in foam wrap to help keep fragile parts from breaking during shipment. Packaging sprues one or two to a polybag also ensures intact parts. The turret as well as the upper and lower hull sections are segregated behind a section of cardboard to keep them from being scratched.

Detailing is first rate with the myriad of bolt patterns that are common on modern armored vehicles. There are a considerable number of hatches on this one and some parts will need to be modified to properly portray this variant. I saw quite a few bits and pieces to be added to the outside, such as handles and tools. Typical of these sorts of kits, a goodly amount of time will be spent withthe suspension, especially the tracks. There are 82 2-piece links for each side so that will surely keep the builder busy for a time. The turret and gun are also superbly detailed. There is no real interior detail as this is, in car parlayance, a curb-side.

A nicely done photo etch set is included with the kit and this consists on various screens and grilles. There are also grab handles and mounting plates included on the fret. The instructions show precisely where all these pieces fit in clearly drawn construction steps. Typically, there is no 'underway' painting information, that is all contained in the overall scheme. The two painting options are for a green and a winter wash vehicle. You could also add a desert sand version as this IFV is being used in Afghanistan. The majority of the decal sheet consists of vehicle plates and IDs. A large 'UN' is also given for the winter camouflaged version. The painting guide is in full color and offers options for a number of manufacturers.


This is really quite a cool looking vehicle and one that is sure to be greeted by modern armor builders. Those just wanting a well detailed armor kit are also encouraged to look into this one as it is quite well done.



March 2012

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