Cyber-Hobby 1/35 PanzerJäger IB mit 7.5cm StuK 40 L/48
KIT #: 6673
PRICE: $63.00 MSRP
DECALS: one option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: One time release


The Panzerjäger I (German "Tank Hunter 1") was the first of the German tank destroyers to see service in the Second World War. It mounted a Czech Skoda 4.7 cm (1.9 in) cm PaK (t) anti-tank gun on a converted Panzer I Ausf. B chassis. It was intended to counter heavy French tanks like the Char B1 that were beyond the capabilities of the 3.7 cm PaK 36 anti-tank gun then in service and served to extend the usable lifetime of otherwise obsolete Panzer I tanks. Over 200 were converted in 1940—41. It served in the West during the Battle of France, in North Africa and on the Eastern Front until all vehicles were either captured or destroyed.

The 7.5 cm KwK 40 (7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 40) was a German 7.5 cm Second World War era vehicle mounted gun, used as the primary anti-tank weapon of the German medium tank the SdKfz.161 Panzerkampfwagen IV (Ausf. F2 models onwards) and the SdKfz.142 Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) assault guns (Ausf. F models onwards). When mounted on an assault gun the weapon was called Sturmkanone 40 (StuK 40). KwK40 and StuK40 was developed from towed anti-tank gun Pak 40. Ammunition was shortened to allow easy storage for KwK40 and StuK40. KwK40 came in both the L/43 and L/48 barrel lengths. Along with Pak 40, Kwk 40/StuK 40 was the most numerous anti-tank gun of the German army.

L/43 version was mounted on Panzer IV and StuG III for a short period from February 1942 until August 1942. All 225 vehicles of Panzer IV F2 mounted L/43 version with a ball shaped muzzle brake. A couple hundred out of 1687 vehicles of Panzer IV Ausf. G mounted L/43 with double baffle muzzle brake. StuG III with L43 was designated as Ausf. F. Only some out of 366 StuG III Ausf.F had mounted L/43 version. Later version of StuG III Ausf. F had longer L/48 version. All Ausf. F/8 and G of StuG III mounted longer L/48.

L/48 was 334mm (13.1 inches) longer and slightly more powerful than L/43. L/48 became the standard gun from June of 1942 until the end of WWII. The gun was fitted with an electric firing mechanism and the breech operated semi-automatically. Only fixed ammunition was used.


Despite a nearly total lack of information on the Internet about this particular variant, it is obvious that either one was built or one was planned. Cyber-hobby indicates that there were two of them operating in 1945 near the end of the war so we'll go with their assertions. For one thing, it is a pretty big gun to be mated to what is effect a light tank chassis. This is not a simple curbside, but does have a complete interior, just like most of their other Panzer I kits. It is also blessed with the Smart Track individual track links, which on a vehicle like this isn't as onerous a task of assembling as it would be on say, a Tiger. It is an excellent way for Cyber-hobby to combine extant kits to make a new one of an interesting subject. Here are the specifics from the PR folks:

◦Diminutive vehicle is produced in great detail
◦Fully detailed gun shield
◦Ultra Slim injection-molded armor plate
◦Newly produced travel lock is presented w/fine detail
◦Delicate gun sight and hand wheels are included
◦Complete gun mount is represented
◦Newly tooled gun mount support
◦Driver's vision port can be displayed opened/closed
◦Slide-molded muzzle brake
◦One-piece metal barrel is newly produced
◦Gun breech and recoil guard are fully reproduced
◦Recoil and recuperator cylinders are truly represented
◦Newly tooled upper hull for easy assembly
◦Multi-piece upper hull for authentic detail
◦Engine deck exquisitely detailed
◦Engine hatch can be assembled opened/closed
◦Gun w/full breech assembly
◦Driver's compartment interior details feature instrument panel and transmission
◦Battery and driver's seat included
◦Idler wheels are accurately reproduced
◦Suspension w/coil spring produced w/fine details
◦Realistically reproduced road wheels w/photo-etched rings
Extrnal suspenion structure w/sharp detail
◦Slide fenders w/detailed tread patterns
◦Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
◦Hollowed exhaust pipe w/photo-etched exhaust cover
◦OVM w/molded-on clasps
◦Magic Tracks produced in great detail

The instructions are well done with the usual Gunze and Model Master paint references. Though there are two vehicles shown in the markings section, they have the same combat number and I suspect they are the same vehicle. One has the uncamouflaged barrel as shown on the box art while the other has the barrel painted tan with brown splotches.


As usual, Cyber-hobby comes through with another one shot vehicle; a 'boutique' kit as I recall reading on an armor forum. Regardless, it is something different and should build into a superb vehicle when you are done.

REFERENCES for the background history section.

November 2010 

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