Cyber-hobby 1/35 Panther G (late)

KIT #: 6659
DECALS: Several options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken



Germany was stunned when highly effective T-34 tanks were first encountered on the Eastern Front, and its own Panzer III and IV tanks were simply outclassed. The Third Reichís response was to design and produce the Pz.Kpfw.V, more commonly known as the Panther. Some regard the Panther as being the best tank of WWII, with an ideal balance of mobility, firepower and armor protection. Unfortunately, transmission problems plagued early versions and a lack of retrieval and repair capabilities often meant that broken down tanks were left on the battlefield. Weighing 44.8 tonnes and operated by a crew of five, the Panther was armed with a long-barreled 7.5cm KwK 42 L/70 cannon. Various modifications were made to the Panther design throughout WWII, with the final and most numerous variant being the Ausf.G, of which 2953 were produced from March 1944 till the end of the war. New features on the Ausf.G included redesigned hull hatches, removal of the driverís visor on the glacis, tapered one-piece upper hull side plates, and some later vehicles also had a new mantlet chin to eliminate the shot trap.


Cyber-hobby once again brings you a bit of a whiffer tank based on the Black Knight comic series. Even though this kit comes with the superb one-piece DS tracks, there are over 640 parts to this one. The kit features figures that can be used along with the tank, a nice addition to what is really a very nice kit in and of itself. The features on this one are many and so are listed below.

- Stowage box with simulated damage provides more modeling choice from DS
- Newly tooled one piece DS Panther G tracks
- New Cartograf decal
- Gun assembly recreated in detail, complete with breech
- Intricate slide-molded barrel travel lock with option of travel or combat configurations provided as separate parts
- Metal spare track brackets on turret sides
- Rear hatch with interior hinge detail can be positioned open/closed.
- Upper hull with separate engine deck
- Front ball-mount MG is movable
- Driverís and radio operatorís hatches with interior detail and support arms
- Two types of engine-deck hatch
- Delicate spare track rack provided in great detail; slide-molded holes for hassle-free fitting
- Engine radiator details with two types of fan
- Armored exhaust guards Ė welded and cast
- Photo-etched parts for engine-deck grills and cupola details
- Storage tube with fine detail
- One-piece slide-molded hull bottom with superb detail
- Full suspension assembly; road wheel and idler arms can be positioned on uneven terrain
- Multi-part idler wheels

As usual with these comic based kits, you get generic decals and markings for the tanks used in the comics.











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