Cyber-Hobby 1/35 s.IG.33 Infantry Gun with simplified shield

KIT #: 6473
PRICE: $39.50 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Smart Kit



The 15 cm sIG 33 (schweresInfanterie Geschütz 33) was the standard German heavy infantry gun used in the Second World War. It was the largest weapon ever classified as an infantry gun by any nation. Sources differ on the the development history, but the gun itself was of conventional design. Early production models were horse-drawn, with wooden wheels. Later production models had pressed steel wheels, with solid rubber tires and air brakes for motor towing. The sIG 33 was rather heavy for its mission and it was redesigned in the late 1930s to incorporate light alloys in an effort to save weight. This saved about 150 kilograms (330 lb), but the outbreak of war forced the reversion back to the original design as the Luftwaffe had a higher priority for light alloys before more than a few hundred were made. A new carriage, made entirely of light alloys, was tested around 1939, but was not accepted for service.

Most of the shells used by the sIG 33 were unexceptional in design, but the Stielgranate 42 was different in fundamental ways from ordinary shells. The driving rod was loaded into the muzzle so that the finned projectile remained in front of, and outside, the barrel entirely. A special charge was loaded and would propel the projectile about a 1,000 metres (1,100 yd) downrange. At about 150 metres (160 yd) distance the driving rod would separate from the projectile. Unlike other Stielgranaten, this version was not intended for anti-tank use, but rather for the demolition of strongpoints and clearing barbed-wire obstacles and minefields by blast effect.


This is not the first release of this gun as a stand alone, but with Cyber-Hobby, one can count on a variant that is a bit different from the norm. In this case it is the simplified gun shield used on this venerable piece. The kit also includes some of those interesting Stielgranate 42 rounds that are mentioned in the history section. Also part of the kit is a five man crew and a bunch of extra shells. Other items of note are:

- Gun recoils like the real one
- Two-directional slide-molded wooden road wheels
- Aluminum gun barrel designed for s.IG.33
- Rifling inside gun barrel realistically rendered
- Recoil system realistically rendered
- Newly designed gun shield made to scale thickness
- New shield with delicate detail on both sides
- Axle reproduced in great detail
- Gun carriage molded with authentic detail
- Realistic elevation mechanism allows gun to be elevated
- Spades are slide molded
- Detailed breech with two options
- Detailed hydraulic system for gun elevation
- Complex brake and axle assembly finely reproduced
- Protective wicker cases for rounds wicker ground mats included
- Periscope can be assembled in different ways
- Periscope made from clear plastic
- Newly tooled taillights
- OVM specific to s.IG.33 included
- Bonus ammunition

Instructions are well done with nicely drawn construction illustrations. The aluminum barrel and vinyl 'wicker' bits are a nice touch as is the limited amount of photo etch included. You basically paint this either panzer grey or panzer yellow. There is a separate painting and assembly guide for the figures on the last page of the instructions. I've not a clue where the decals are to be attached as I seem to have missed that while looking over the instructions.


ILike nearly all Cyber-hobby kits, this is a limited release and if you like artillery, then this one should definitely be on your list of ones to get.


Thanks to for the preview kit. Get yours today at your local shop or on-line retailer.

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