CyberHobby 1/35 Geschützwagen 38H für s.IG.33/1 (initial production)
KIT #: 6270
PRICE: $58.00 SRP
DECALS: Generic insignia
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Smart kit



In WWII, self-propelled howitzers were widely employed to devastating effect by Germany, though early designs were merely conversions that merged howitzers with existing tank chassis. One of the more successful solutions was the Sd.Kfz.138/1 Geschützwagen 38 H für s.IG. 33/1, also known as the Grille Ausf.H (Grille means “cricket” in German). The BMM factory in Prague was developing a mid-engine Pz.Kpfw.38(t) chassis for use as a dedicated self-propelled gun (eventually named the Grille Ausf.M), but this program met with delays. In the interim it was decided to mount the 15cm s.IG.33 gun on 90 or so existing rear-engine Panzer 38(t) chassis in order to get the weapon into service as soon as possible. The resulting Grille Ausf.H was produced from February to April 1943, and it was widely used in German panzergrenadier regiments until the end of WWII.


This is one of Cyberhobby's 'miss it this time and too bad' kits with only a single production run. As you might expect from a Smart Kit boxing, there are a ton of parts, all of them very nicely produced and as accurate as the molding process can make them. This is one of their individual link kits, so it won't be slapped together over a weekend, that is for sure. I'll Let the Dragon PR folks list all the features for this one.
  • Brand new Initial Production of s.IG.33 gun-mounted Geschützwagen38
  • Newly designed fighting compartment w/full interior detail of Initial Production
  • Ultra-slim injection-molded armor plates
  • Great detail gun trestle for s.IG.33
  • s.IG.33 gun carriage accurately represents the real one
  • Two options for shims on gun mount
  • Recoil system rendered w/realistic bolt detail
  • Optional armor plates allow gun to be elevated at different elevations
  • Travel lock can be positioned in travel or combat mode
  • Locking handle has crisp detail
  • Aluminum gun barrel w/rifling is finely reproduced
  • New arrangement of ammunition rounds, gas mask case, cartridge storage, rifle rack and tool storage
  • Nut and bolt detail on armor plates realistically rendered
  • Great detailed on Fu5-Geräte 10W.S.h transmitter and UkwEh receiver
  • New rain-guard for radio set
  • Weather tarp supports finely reproduced
  • Armor plates can be positioned open/closed
  • Ammo box is finely detailed
  • Photo-etched spare-track bracket on armor plate and fender
  • Engine deck w/bolt detail
  • Photo-etched engine exhaust grill
  • Glacis plate w/nut detail sharply reproduced
  • Hull interior details such as driver's controls, transmission and seats included
  • Tow hook can be assembled open/closed
  • Rear panel has crisp details
  • Photo-etched storage for bulletproof vision port
  • Options of displaying ammo rack
  • Magic Tracks w/casting-number detail
For those wondering, there has been a similar kit released in the Dragon line, but this is the early production variant. It may also be that there were not many actually produced like this as the lone markings option (which actually has no markings) is the B.M.M. Factory test vehicle in Panzer Tan from 1943.

Once again, we have a super kit of a very limited production vehicle. An excellent choice of subjects for SPG fan and I know it will look great once you have finished.


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November 2009

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