CAMs 1/35 VCL Light Amphibious Tank A4E12

KIT #: CV35-003
PRICE: $55.00 SRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: SKNIL version


The Vickers-Carden-Loyd Light Amphibious Tank (designated the A4E11 and A4E12 by the War Office), was a series of British experimental pre-World War II light tanks (actually resembling a tankette, which though not taken into British service were sold to a number of other countries which produced modified versions which were then taken into service.

Foreign buyers included China, Thailand, the Dutch East Indies and the USSR, the latter producing some 1200 of the T-37A tank developed from the A4E11/12. Poland was interested in Vickers-Carden-Loyd amphibious tank in the 1930s, but negotiations failed and instead the PZInż works started the PZInż 130 project, an indigenous design inspired by the British concept.

The Dutch ordered two, each with different armament for trials in the NEI. They were not successful so no others were ordered. One was still operational when the Japanese attacked and was lost when its suspension failed and it was destroyed in an air attack.


CAMs is part of the Riich group of model kits and this is the second boxing of this particular tank that they have done. The molding on the sprues is actually quite good. The kit consists of link and length tracks and there is a nicely done photo etch fret included. The p.e. is used all over the vehicle and includes turret vision ports, vender braces, engine cooling vents, splash guards, turret rings, and some other small items.

There are two weapons options. One is a 6.5mm Vickers machine gun and the other are twin 7.7 Browning guns. The turret includes a commander's chair and the hatch can be modeled open or closed. As mentioned, the fenders/floats have photo etch braces.

The main hull is made up of five pieces and an upper section. The suspension pieces attach to the side panels and the track sections then are attached to the road wheels and sprocket. There are no return rollers or idler gear. Since this is amphibious, there is a shrouded prop that fits to the back of the hull and can be moved. The final assembly is attaching the turret and then the floats/fenders to the side.

Instructions are well drawn and provide Gunze paint references. Both options are an overall bronze green and depict one Vickers armed and one Browning armed tank from 1938/39. The small decal sheet is well printed.

There are many of us who truly like quirky things like this. As the more major subjects get kitted by others, it is up to folks like Riich to offer the less usual. This vehicle is one of those and though it is somewhat parts intensive, it will make up into a very nice model that will not take over your display shelves.


June 2015

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