Bronco 1/35 Humber Mk.IV Armored Car

KIT #: CB 35081
PRICE: $67.50 SRP
DECALS: Five options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch fret.


Made by the Rootes Group, the Humber was essentially a combination of the Karrier KT 4 artillery tractor chassis and the armoured body of the Guy Armoured Car. The KT4 was already in production for the Indian Army, and Guy were having problems with the production levels required. The Karrier name was dropped to avoid confusion.

The first order for 500 was placed in 1940. The first Humbers were more or less identical to the Guy down to the faults in armour but this was rectified. Production started in 1941.

The Mark III improved upon the Mark II by providing a three-man turret. Mark III production ended in 1942 after 1,650 had been built. With a possible replacement, the 2-pounder armed Coventry armoured car, on its way, the Mark IV was designed. This put the US 37 mm gun in the turret but at the cost of one crewman. The Coventry was not ordered as a replacement and so production of Mark IV continued, for a total of 2,000, despite its flaws.


This one continues Bronco's impressive line-up of military vehicles with oodles of detail. The interior detailing for this kit is the best I've seen in any military vehicle kit. A full engine, full suspension, radio fit, ammo storage, complete gun detail, driver's position, transmission detail, gunner's position and commander's position are among the areas of detail one normally doesn't find in armor kits.  I particularly liked the one-piece tires with separate wheel hubs. Makes painting so much easier.Bronco has included a photo etch fret to handle some of the finer detail parts and they seem to be quite appropriate for the medium, representing mostly flat pieces.

There are probably some of you wondering if this is not the same as the earlier release of the special edition that had a clear hull and turret. Well, yes it is. There is literally no difference between this kit and the other save that the clear hull and turret are not included in the kit. This brings with it a price savings so that should meet with the approval of many modelers.

Bronco's 38 page, full color construction book is a real boon to the builder and one of the finest I've seen with any kit. Most of the superb construction drawings are in black and white, but many of the detail  bits and some of the more complex constructs are in full color. Spread over 50 construction steps, it makes what could be a very busy build into something that will be easier for most to handle. Bronco offers color information with a variety of manufacturers and five markings options, all in overall olive green. There is a captured version without the gun from Italy in 1944, two from France in 1944, one as used in Belgium during later 1944 and one that went into Germany during 1945. The decal sheet is very nicely done and includes all the unit badges for each option.



One thing about Bronco military vehicle kits is that they are not for the beginner or the weak of will. The kit's level of detail is such that you will be spending a lot of time with some pretty fine parts. Not a quick build, but every Bronco kit I have seen completed as been a true masterpiece. This one will be no exception.


September 2011

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