Bronco 1/35 WWII British Airborne Weapon and Equipment Set
KIT #: AB 3567
PRICE: $47.00 SRP
DECALS: Included for some containers
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch fret


When it comes to developing materials for airborne troops, there are certain considerations to be made that do not apply quite so much to regular troops. First of all, it has to be quite rugged to survive being dropped from an airplane as even with a parachute, it sustains quite a jolt on landing. This was particularly difficult on the radios of the time. Secondly, it has to be smaller and more light weight in order to be more easily handled. It also would help if the larger items could be folded up into smaller spaces in order to have them fit into either standard cargo containers or on board gliders.

Though airborne nowadays does not necessarily have to do with dropping huge numbers of troops and equipment from planes or landing them in gliders, parachutists are still required for some operations and more often the delivery of teams and equipment is by helicopter or STOL transport.  


The kit is well done just like all Bronco kits and supplies quite a few nice bits and pieces for diorama enthusiasts or those who want to load up a jeep or something with supplies.

There are two vehicles of sorts in this set. One of them is a Welbike and it can be built either fully erect or collapsed and installed into its drop container. This bike includes photo etch spokes, fender brace, drive chain/sprockets and a few other small bits. The instructions have two sections on this bike, one for fully erect and the other folded for its container. Also shown in the instructions is how to heat sprue and run brake lines.

The other vehicle is a folding bicycle. This also has photo etch for the wheels and for the drive chain and sprocket. In this 'mini-kit', youcan retain the plastic bits, but they do not look as nice as the p.e. versions. Again, instructions are provided for running stretched sprue brake lines. A third wheeled gizmo is a hand trolley. This can only be built fully assembled.

Then there is a radio, pigeon container, various weapons including a PIAT and ammo container along with a wicker pannier, helmets, rucksacks and empty Type E containers. The image from Dragon shows more clearly just what you get in this set.

Instructions are well done and in full color. Painting information is provided as well as some decals (not shown).


In all, this is a rather nice equipment set. The inclusion of some pretty neat equipment makes it a very handy source for the diorama fan.

September 2014

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