Aoshima 1/72 JGSDF 3 Ton Fuel Truck

KIT #: 007952
PRICE: 1900 yen SRP
DECALS: Several options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The SKW (6 6) 3,500 kg truck was developed by Isuzu from the late 1960s to replace the range of 2,500 kg (6 6) trucks then used by the Japanese Self-Defence Forces. After trials and modifications it was standardised in 1973 as the Type 73 large truck series and since then it has been produced in large numbers for the JGSDF.The original SKW440 series was followed by the 1989-introduced SKW464 series, this then followed by the 1999-introduced SKW475 series. Production continues and it is anticipated that the latest SKW475 series will ultimately replace the earlier SKW440 and (more numerous) SKW464 series trucks.

The first model Type 73 was the SKW440, this identifiable by a sloped cab front and square engine air intake. The SKW440 was produced in a wide variety of variants, these including SKW 440M (cargo truck with tarpaulin cover), SKW 440MW (cargo truck with winch), SKW440MV (cargo truck with crane), SKW440MR (light wrecker), SKW440MD (dump truck), SKW440MV (tanker for water, fuel or aviation fuel). The SKW441 is a slightly modified Type 73.The SKW440 series was replaced by the SKW464 series, this introduced in 1989. The SKW464 series is identifiable by a less sloped cab front and wider engine air intake. The SKW464 series was also produced in a wide variety of variants, these including SKW 464M (cargo truck with tarpaulin cover), SKW464MW (cargo truck with winch), SKW464MR (light wrecker), SKW464MD (dump truck), SKW464MV (tanker for water, fuel or aviation fuel).The SKW464 series was replaced by the current SKW475 series, this introduced in 1999. The SKW474 series is identifiable by completely new design cab, albeit similar in overall appearance and dimensions. The SKW 475 series is also produced in a wide variety of variants, these currently known to include SKW 475M (cargo truck with tarpaulin cover), SKW 475MW (cargo truck with winch), SKW475MV (cargo truck with crane), SKW475MD (dump truck), SKW475MV (tanker for water, fuel or aviation fuel).The forward control cab of all models has a windscreen that can be folded forward onto the bonnet and a removable canvas top. A basic protection kit has been developed for the SKW475. This kit appears to be the the SKW 464MW version.


Considering the recent release of a standard truck, it was not surprising to see that Aoshima has started to do variations on the theme. This is the first one I've seen and is the tanker truck version.

The kit is molded in a dark olive brown shade and is a curbside, as are almost all 1/72 military vehicle models. The kit has a one piece chassis onto which various suspension bits are attached. All of the wheel/tire combinations are hollow on the back side, something that is frowned upon in larger scales, but is relatively acceptable in this scale. The cab section is separate and includes molded in seats to which one attaches the steering wheel, gear shift and instrument panel. Clear bits are supplied for the cab.

The kit contains the full bed and cover of the standard truck, adding in the sprues required for the tanker version. There are three new sprues provided as not only is the tank itself required, but the rear fenders and the rear bed on which the tank sits is different. As you can see from the sprues image, there are quite a few parts that will not be used on this one. Fortunately, the large seam on the main tank will be covered by a walkway section so you will not have to deal with filling it. The tank end pieces are a single mold.

Instructions are well done and almost completely in Japanese with Gunze paint references. All of them are as the box art vehicle in terms of colors. One only has the options for different license plates. The small, but well done decal sheet (not shown) offers several plate colors and a full selection of individual letters and numbers to allow you to do any vehicle for which you might have a photo.  


A nice addition to any fleet of small scale military vehicles. I have several tankers from different nations in this scale so it will look nice on my shelf.


November 2013 

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