Ace 1/72 "Desert Fox's" Kfz.21 w figure

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Low pressure mold


In 1934, the German Army began the process of creating a series of standard military passenger vehicles with a standard chassis and interchangeable components. The plan was to build a set of three weight classes by different manufacturers. Horsch, Wanderer and Open were to be responsible for the medium vehicles (Kfz.15). For the high command on the same chassis, a cabriolet was designed for use as a staff car and designated Kfz.21. These cars were produced from 1940 to 1942.


This is not the only time that Ace has produced a Kfz.21 kit. But this one is different from the others in the grille and the inclusion of the Rommel figure. Actually, since it is 1/72 scale, it is a bit difficult to make out the face of the figure, but that is who it is supposed to be!

Ace kits are low pressure molding so it is normal to find some minor flash and a few sink areas. The latter were pleasantly absent from all the parts but the large folded top piece that has several of them. Not easy to fix, but then not really that impossible, either. One could easily put a piece of white glue soaked tissue over the top to take care of that.

The rest of the kit has quite a bit of detail including for and aft suspension details that include the drive trail and four wheel drive transaxles. For the interior you have the appropriate seats, shifter and steering wheel. Front fenders are molded on the chassis piece while the rears are molded with the interior section. The kit provides a template for making acetate pieces for the various windows and one will have to do a bit of trimming on the grille piece to move the horn to the center of the grille. There are separate head lights and wheels with additional items to fit on the body like Jerry cans and what appear to be map cases on the front fenders. Yes, I know darn little about these sorts of things so made the guess. The two Jerry cans have white crosses on them and that usually means they are for water.

The lone marking option is for Rommel's car and so has his markings. Apparently the car has been photographed enough times to get all sorts of details on it. The vehicle is in overall panzer grey and I can imagine that one would want to add a lot of dust!  The small decal sheet provides plates and other bits. The instructions are well drawn with detail sections to help in that regard. There is a full painting guide for the figure as well.


In all, another interesting and inexpensive military subject for the 1/72 builder. This would look at home in a variety of dioramas where one needs a staff car or all by itself


Kit box for the historical background

March 2011 

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