Ace 1/72 Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (2.Ausf) auf P-107 U-304(f)

KIT #: 72267
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DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Photo-etched tracks


In the 1920s and 1930s Citroën developed a long line of half-tracks based on the Kégresse patent. In 1934, the company introduced its newest and more powerful P107 model as a successor to the Citroën-Kégresse P17. But before mass production could take place, Citroën went bankrupt and its new owner, Michelin, chose to focus on the civilian markets. Unic was therefore able to acquire a license for Kégresse patent, and took over the production of the P107.

Two main variants of the P107 were accepted in French military service: a light prime mover for the 75 mm and short 105 mm artillery guns, and a platform cargo transport for engineer units. More than 2000 examples were in service in 1940. Many were taken over by the German Army. Some of those were converted to personnel carriers.


Molded in Ace's usual low pressure grey plastic, the parts themselves have quite good detailing on them. A look at the bits showed no problems with ejector marks or sink areas. Typical of the molding, there will be some small amounts of flash to clean up, but those would normally be taken care of in standard parts clean-up anyway.

In addition to the grey sprues, there is a photo-etch fret that contains the tracks. These are to be folded prior to use. The instructions show exactly how this is to be done and suggest that the brass be annealed to make it easier to fold. The kit includes a rather complete suspension and a nicely done interior complete with a defensive machine gun.

Instructions are well drawn though devoid of any painting information during the construction phase. Is one to believe that everything was painted Brown Sand? For the exterior, there are two markings options, both from France in 1944. Both have Medium Green and Medium Brown in a disruptive pattern. The box art vehicle is from 21 Panzer division while the other is an ambulance that has no defensive armament. The small decal sheet is well printed.  


Once more, Ace provides us with an interesting subject in a scale that won't overwhelm our display shelves. With a bit of careful construction, you will have something rather unusual to show your friends.


February 2010 

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