GPM 1/25 Stug III Ausf A








Scott Van Aken


Card Model


Wanna know about the Stug III? Go to and you'll find more than you can imagine on the subject!


This is another card kit thanks to the people at Scale Paper International. This time it is a Stug III Ausf A. Before describing the kit, I'll mention that like the Mustang, the instructions are in Polish, so that trying to follow the construction write-up will be difficult at best if you don't understand the language.

Like the Mustang, GPM includes templates for some of the parts, but again, I'm not sure if they are to be transferred over to other heavy duty paper or to plastic card. They may be intended to use as is, though I really couldn't say one way or the other.

In any rate, the kit includes a full interior and it also seems as if it includes an engine as well. The printing on the card is superb and like any armor kit nowadays, includes a number of wheels and track links so it wouldn't be a kit that will be done in a weekend, that's for sure! The construction diagrams are quite detailed as you can see from the partial drawing above, so there is no problem with wondering what fits where. As to what the card parts look like, just take a look at the cover model as it is made from the kit parts.


If you are to the stage where the building is much more important that the completed kit, then perhaps you should look into card modeling. It seems as if there are a lot of people doing it and there are a wide selection of items from which to choose.

Thanks to Scale Paper International for the review copy

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