Mirage 1/72 76.2mm 'Leningrad' SPG




$11.98  ($10.97 at Squadron)




Scott Van Aken




Continuing on with the adaptations of the Vickers E/T-26 chassis, it was decided to do a series of 'fortification assault guns'. This particular version used the Mk 1926 naval 72.66mm gun. This wasn't done straight from the get-go, but was a result of a need for some sort of mobile artillery. During the siege of Leningrad, it was decided to make the best of repaired T-26 chassis by mounting some coastal defense guns. The 76.2mm version was chosen for its ease of operation and low recoil force, an important consideration for this rather light chassis. This low force was achieved by the gun's long recoil action which reduced loads on the mount. About a dozen vehicles were modified in such a way and used in the defense of Leningrad.




Not wanting to miss the opportunity to do a rather large number of variants from basically the same set of molds, this particular kit has the same chassis as many others, with only the specific sprues added to meet the needs of this variant. Like the other Mirage armor kits, this one is very well molded with good detail and minimal glitches like sink areas and ejector pin marks. It is this reviewer's opinion that Mirage is really coming along well in terms of overall kit quality. It is also good that they are doing some of the more unusual subjects.

Anyway, there are the usual myriad small pieces and I'm not sure if all the bits on the sprues are used or not. The tracks and tow rope are made of a soft plastic so while they will be a bit of a challenge to paint, those of us who think that separate track links are a bit much for 1/72 will be grateful.

Instructions are excellent with a nice history and 21 well drawn construction steps. As these were all basically painted green as you can see on the box top so that will make things a bit easier for us. Other colors needed are not specified other than a few Humbrol numbers. Mirage suggests "..that you match the color according to the painting scheme on the box or use 'authentics' from another maker." Fortunately, armor doesn't seem to bring out the 'color police' the way that aircraft does so close is good enough.  No decals are provided or needed.



It looks like a really super kit and considering the number of parts and the time it will take to build the kit, it is a good value for your money.

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