Mirage 1/72 T-26TB ammo carrier




$13.98       ($12.47 at Squadron)




Scott Van Aken




This is one of several self-propelled ammo carriers based on the T-26 chassis. This one was initially developed in 1933 and after testing and minor modifications, entered production at two factories as the TR-4-1 ammunition carrier. It could carry up to a one ton load and when used as an infantry carrier, housed 7 troops, though the conditions inside had to be miserable. The only external difference between the infantry and ammo carriers were the location of the ladders on the sides to make it easier for the troops to exit the vehicle. The ammo carrier had no ladders though one could be put on the front to ease the offloading of ammo. The use of a single machine gun was almost an afterthought as these vehicles were supposed to be part of an armed convoy and not to operate on their own.




If you think you've seen the image on the left a number of times, you have. It is the same in all the T-26 chassis kits I've previewed. Much of the stuff on the right is the same as well, other than the specific sprues needed for the upper portion of the model. All the parts are very well molded and generally free from defects. With so many small parts, care will be needed to remove them from the sprues so I'd highly recommend a fine razor saw for this process.

Instructions are the usual well done versions from Mirage with 18 construction steps that are well drawn and with Humbrol paint numbers showing any specific colors needed. There is no paint chart provided, only the suggestion that the box art be used for color information. For armor, I guess that is sufficient as most vehicles were basically painted a single color; in this case, a green. No decals are supplied or needed.



Once again, a highly unusual subject and one that I wouldn't recommend for beginners due to the rather high parts count. Like other Mirage kits, it seems to be a great value for the money, providing hours of entertainment.

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