Maquette 1/35 GAZ M415 Pick-up truck




$51.98 (46.96 at Squadron)




Scott Van Aken


Basically a resin body with plastic chassis


Based on the GAZ M1 automobile, itself based on the 1933 Ford, the M 415 was initially mass produced in Novgorod from 1939 until 1941. This vehicle was not only used as a light truck, but also as a weapons carrier. At times versions mounting twin 7.62mm guns in the back was used as mobile light anti-aircraft and for use against enemy troops when things got desperate.

Powered by the 50 hp engine, it was capable of road speeds nearing 90 kph.


This is one of the more expensive Maquette kits. One isn't really sure if it is a standard kit with a resin body, or a resin kit with an injected plastic chassis. Either way, there is only one sprue of plastic and that is for the chassis of this vehicle. This is the same chassis that is used on the BA-20 armored car and similar kits, so it has seen quite a bit of use. That accounts for the flash you see. You'll also see that the sprue attachment points are a bit thicker than usual so care needs to be taken when removing parts.

The resin is fairly good. It isn't the best I've seen, but far and away not the worst. You'll have to remove the usual flash that is standard clean-up for resin kits. I also found one or two tiny pin-holes that will need filled. Again, nothing out of the normal for a resin kit. Test fitting a few of the larger bits showed no real problems with fit. It seems like there is a blob of resin on the grille that will be difficult to clean up, but then, it could be a poorly molded manufacturer's emblem. A pre-cut acetate sheet is provided for windows.

Instructions are typical of Maquette kits with adequately done construction drawings (in this case ten of them). Each step has fewer parts than the norm, but that may be due to making sure that we get the resin parts in the proper location. No color info is provided until the painting and decaling stage. Well, the painting stage anyway as there are not any decals provided. You have your choice of summer scheme in Khaki Green or winter scheme is white


Personally, I like softskins and pickup trucks so this kit is right down my alley. It isn't cheap, thanks to basically being a resin kit, but one thing for sure, you won't find too many of these being shown at local shows!

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