Maquette 1/35 ASU-57 SPG




$10.98 (9.96 at Squadron)


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Scott Van Aken





The ASU-57 is a light, highly maneuverable, air-droppable SPG. It was adopted for service with Soviet Army forces in the 1950s. Thanks to its relatively light weight, it was able to be hauled in Yak-14 gliders or air dropped from AN-8, AN-12 transports and lifted by Mi-6 Helicopters. When it first entered service, it was the world's only air-droppable SPG.

Main armament is a 57mm anti-tank cannon capable of 6-10 rounds per minute that was able to pierce 100 of armor. Total load was 30 rounds, carried internally. Thanks to its small size, it was relatively quick, able to reach speeds of 45 Kph on smooth surfaces.



Like other Maquette kits, this one is well molded with good detail. It also has 'AER MOLDOVA' stamped on the underside of the chassis so you'll have to sand that off if you plan on building this one for contests. You'll also have some pesky ejector pin marks on the outside of the chassis that carries the suspension. Not impossible to remove but they won't be easy. Perhaps they'll be covered by the tracks.

Speaking of which, these are individual links, so those of you who don't like the 'rubber band' type of tracks will find that  a plus. Judging from the instructions, they should be pretty easy to assemble once you get them free from the sprues. Though it seems like there are a lot of different parts, most of them are for the tracks and suspension.

The instructions are fairly good with but three construction steps. All the body and gun parts are shown in place, which is a bit odd, but it doesn't look like it will be any sort of an impediment to construction. If a part is hidden, that is shown, so no problems there. There is a small decal sheet in white on a white background so that is why it isn't shown. Markings for one vehicle as shown on the box art and in 'Soviet Armor Green'. BTW, the gun in the kit does have a muzzle brake.


Once again, an inexpensive kit of an interesting subject, this one a bit more modern that most Maquette military vehicle kits.

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