MAC 1/72 Horch 180 type 1a




$20.98       ($17.96 at Squadron)


two vehicles


Scott Van Aken




Back to the instructions for a historical review: "The personnel carrier body (Kubel), was made of pressed metal with  spare wheel recesses between the detachable doors. It was powered by an Auto Union V-8 of 3,823 cc and provided 81 hp at 3,600 rpm. It had a gearbox with five forward speeds and one reverse. Maximum speed on the road was 90 kph. This version did away with the steerable rear axle that was used in the type 40


It will seem like a cop-out, but everything I said about the type 40 previewed earlier is true for this kit. Most of the sprues are identical and that is only because certain bits have been removed from this one as well. The etched fret is identical as is the decal sheet. With the decal sheet, other options are x'd out in the instruction sheet. This kit can also be built top up or with it in the stowed position as shown on the box art. There are some detail differences between this version and the other one, but they are basically the same kit. The biggest change is that the other does not have the recessed area between the doors for spare tires as does the 1a. Markings are provided for two vehicles. Again, one in panzer grey and the other in sand.


As with the type 40, this looks to be an excellent little kit and one that should find much favor with the small scale military modeler.

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