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Scott Van Aken




As mentioned in the previous T-26 preview, the T-26 was the main light tank of Soviet forces during the mid-late 1930s and into the first years of the Great Patriotic war. The Soviets were great believers in flame-thrower tanks, having seen the effectiveness of these devices during WWI. After experimentation with removing one of the two turrets on a twin turret tank, there was space for the chemicals needed and trials began on what was known as the OT-26.

When the T-26 was upgraded to the Model 1933 with the larger turret, the flame thrower mechanism and tanks were added, changing the name of the tank to the OT-133. The incendiary tank was placed in the middle of the turret, which allowed the turret to fully rotate. Much of the rest of the equipment in the tank was unchanged. The OT-130 could produce 40 6 second bursts and reach  40-45 meters (about 125-140 feet). A smoke generator was also added to these vehicles. This kit represents the initial version of these tanks. About 100 were built and used during the Finnish Winter War of 1939/40.


As with the previous kit, the common running gear is shown on the left image, with the rest of the bits that may have slightly altered sprues on the right. Again no flash, minimal problems with sink areas and ejector pin marks. The detail is very good for a kit of this size. The myriad small pieces may be a bit of a problem for those who aren't used to dealing with them. You will have fun doing all the road and idler wheels! The only real difference between this kit and the base T-26 is the 'gun' and mantlet which has been added to the top of the center sprue, and the deletion of a smaller sprue.

Instructions are excellent with clear construction sequences and a super color chart. Again, no sprue diagrams, but really not needed as the parts are clearly numbered on the sprues. There are two tanks with this one and there really is little difference between them. Both are in overall Russian Khaki (which you can see from the box art is actually a greenish shade). One is the box art tank with a white upper turret half and the other is in an overall Khaki scheme, so painting of either of these will be quite easy. Markings are limited to a star and hull number for the box art scheme. The other has no markings at all.


Once again, a very nice looking little kit of an important Soviet weapon. Not recommended for beginners due to all the small pieces.

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