Italeri 1/35 M113A1






Three vehicles


Scott Van Aken




The M-113 was developed in the late 1950s as a multi-purpose troop carrier. Since production started, over 75,000 have been made in various versions. This makes it far and away the most produced armored vehicle ever built.

What makes it so popular is the low cost and its ability to carry a number of troops in a somewhat safe environment behind its armored skin. It was later developed into a number of more potent vehicles, each providing large calibre offensive weapons.

One of the down sides of the M-113 was that if it ran over a mine, the explosion would blow a hole in the bottom and the shrapnel would create carnage with the occupants. For that reason, during Vietnam, one would more often see the M-113's passengers riding on the top of the vehicle than inside where the danger of being killed by a mine was much greater than that of being hit while riding outside!


Italeri's kit of the M-113 is nothing if not complete. All that is missing is an engine. You get a full driver's compartment as well as a complete cargo/passenger area. The aft ramp looks as if it can be built to open or closed, same with the large upper hatch. The smaller forward hatch does not offer this option. There is an upper machine gun position that is fully traversable, though you need to decide if you want that hatch open or closed.

In addition to a choice of machine guns for the upper position, you have a rather substantial number of other things like pack and rolls and such to place on the upper surface of the APC. The tracks are plastic and you are given a number of individual tracks to use for the curved areas such as around the drive sprockets.

Markings are given for three M-113s. One for the US Army, one for the Italian Army and one for the German Army. All are in overall Olive Drab. The small decal sheet is colorful and provides the markings needed for the version you are modeling. Paint callouts are given where needed and the color chart gives generic, FS and ModelMaster information.



Overall, it looks like a very nice kit. I have built little armor, but several of them have been Italeri kits and they have been well engineered and looked great when I was done.

Review kit courtesy of my kit collection.

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