MAC 1/72 Einheits-Diesel Kfz 68




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3 vehicles


Scott Van Aken


Short run


The Einheits-Diesel truck program was started in 1933 to bring together a number of companies to make a reliable truck in the 2.5 ton category. The use of a diesel engine promised greater range than could be had with the usual gasoline engines of its day. The MAN designed 80hp engine was chosen  for the 6x6 truck.

The base truck was used for a wide variety of purposes from a standard truck to a fire truck and a number of military uses. Produced from 1937 to 1940. Aproximately 12,000 were produced until supplanted by cheaper two-axle trucks. This particular version is a radio truck that was used by all Wehrmacht, SS, and Luftwaffe communications units and served until the end of the war.



Upon opening the box, one is confronted with a variety of colored sprues that harkens back to the days of Matchbox! Basically in green and black, the parts are well molded and flash free. There are ejector pin marks, but most of them are either on the 'back side' of the parts or easy to remove so they should not present a problem. There were no sink marks that I could see upon initial inspection.

The instructions are a 15 step construction sequence that is very well done and provides no surprises. No color information is given until the very end, so exactly what the inside shades are supposed to be is anyone's guess. There are few options available. One  is the choice between regular and low-light headlights. Another is the addition of a crate on the roof and the final option is between a raised or lowered HF antenna on the back of the truck.

In terms of markings you have three options. One is a sand, red-brown and medium green version from Hungary in 1945. Next is a 1944 Eastern Front variant in overall Panzer Grey. Finally, a desert sand and medium green truck from Tunis in 1942. The small sheet is well printed and appears to be very thin so should work well.



If  you are a small scale military vehicle builder, then this should appeal to you. It would also be a nice kit for a change of pace from what you normally build. From what I can see, the kit should build well and is one that would really add to any 1/72 diorama. I would imagine that every Eastern Front Luftwaffe unit would have had one of these.

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