KIT: Italeri 1/35 Sd.Anhanger 51 (ammo trailer)
KIT #: 6450
PRICE: $11.00 MSRP
DECALS: No  options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


There are many pieces of military equipment that are often overlooked by most modelers. One of those is the lowly ammo trailer. These were and are used by all armies as the best way to bring additional ammunition without overloading men or vehicles. They could then be off-loaded and returned to supply depots for more. Smaller ones were light enough to be able to be towed by light utility vehicles such as a Jeep or Kubelwagen.


This kit is one of German design to be hauled behind just about any vehicle that had a tow hook. It is basically just an ammo box mounted on a two-wheeled trailer and about as simple a design as one can get.

There are five construction steps and one builds the ammo box first, along with its various mounting springs and other items attached to the outside, such as a shovel, axe and pry bar. The box is designed to be displayed either open or closed so that decision will have to be made right off. If open, there is a false top that shows various ammo containers. A few helmets are included to add to the mix.

The trailer takes up 3 of the construction steps. It is well detailed with the half leaf springs and various towing attachments. All of the many grab bars and other handles are also included. The molding of the parts is quite good, though I did notice some sink areas on the outside of the box parts that match alignment pins on the other side. These are all on flat areas so should be easy to fill.

Italeri offers two trailers in this box, one of which is in shrink wrap while the other is not. Instructions are very good and provide all the color information you will need. The two colors suggested for this trailer are Panzer Grey and Panzer Yellow/RLM 79 Sand. No decals are included as none are needed.


It isn't often that things like this are considered by model manufacturers and this set will be most welcome by armor fans or those looking for diorama accessories.

April  2006

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