KIT: Italeri 1/35 SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther
KIT #: 6275
PRICE: $35.00
DECALS: Considerable options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Reissue?


According to the instructions, "The Jagdpanther is the tank destroyer version with a fixed gun based on the Panther G version which has been known as one of the best tanks of the World War II. This version with its characteristics of compact and ballistically advantageous shape was equipped with the remarkable 88mm gun. This was able to penetrate all Allied tanks, including the well protected Soviet 'Stalin' I and II. This vehicle went into production in 1944 and because of intensive Allied bombing raids against German industry, was only able to reach the front lines in limited numbers, so had virtually no impact on the war effort."


Molded in a dark green plastic, there are surprisingly few parts for a vehicle of this size. Probably due to the lack of a turret and accompanying pieces. The tracks are of the vinyl type with long lengths and a few shorter lengths as well. Each side consists of two long sections attached together with the shorter track sections to be used on the hull.

All of the suspension arms and wheels are separate with half of the construction process taken in making this portion of the vehicle. The rest is attaching the various bits and pieces onto the hull itself. Included is an engine piece with a few bits to make things look busy in there It has a separate hatch which can be removed if one so wishes. there are a considerable number of other pieces to fit and all of the upper hatches are separate so if you wish to build a full interior or just stick a figure in there, you can without resorting to any cutting and hacking.

Looking over the various bits, the molding is quite good, being crisp and sharp. There are only a few sink areas that I found and those will be invisible once the kit is done. Same for most of the ejector pin marks though those on the inside of the hatch covers and inside the mantlet cavity will have to be removed, depending on how you display the model.

The instructions are first rate with Model Master and generic paint references. The construction sequences are very well drawn and include preliminary painting information.  The decal sheet is basically numbers and insignia so you can do any Jagdpanther you have a reference for. The overall camo instructions show either an overall Panzer Grey version or one in Panzer Yellow with green patches. 


Overall, this looks like a very nice model. It is not so complex that it will turn off the newer builder with a myriad of tiny parts, yet is detailed enough that a modeler of greater ability will be able to enhance it to a show-stopper.

December 2005

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