KIT: Italeri 1/72 Bunker and Accessories
KIT #: 6070
PRICE: $17.50 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes vacuformed base


I just finished reading a book on Normandy defenses and in amongst the various types was a bunker very similar to this one. It wasn't designed to hold artillery, but would have been a good one for an observation site or perhaps a heavy machine gun position.


There are basically three sections to this kit. One is the bunker itself. This part of the kit is made of very thick and sturdy plastic; the same stuff in the Country House I built a bit back. Really, quite appropriate when you think about it. It is somewhat scarred already as if it has gone through a bit of a battle already, though in reality, these would have been rather pristine if they were new constructs. The top looks as if it could be left un-cemented in place so that one could place figures within. It is not for any sort of artillery as there just isn't room for much more than a machine gun.

The next is a full set of accessories. Two sprues of barrels, sand bags, telephone poles, road signs, boxes, benches and a variety of obstacles (some of which would look more at home on the beaches of Normandy).

The third part is a fully formed vacuformed base. There are inserts for the bunker itself as well as for a few of the accessories, though many of these accessories will have to be placed where the builder thinks will look the best.

There are no paper instructions, with the construction shown on the back of the box. This includes a color guide in Model Master paints. The box itself is not your standard Italeri 'letter box' format, but one that Revell tried several years ago that has a sort of hinged top.


With the growing interest in 1/72 scale military vehicles, this bunker would be an excellent backdrop for a diorama. One thing for sure, the unused accessories will be quite useful in other venues.

November 2005

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