Zvezda 1/35 BMD-1




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Scott Van Aken




Created in 1969, the fighting vehicle is equipped with a 73mm gun, 3 PRT machine guns and an anti-tank missile package. It can carry five soldiers and is air transportable, also being able to be dropped by parachute. As with most Soviet equipment of this type, it is somewhat amphibious and can ford rivers and waterways.


This Zvezda kit is molded in an olive drab plastic. Unlike the earlier kit previewed, this one had its sprues in plastic bags, however the bags were not sealed so the parts were able to rattle around in the box. Like the earlier Panzer III kit, the parts are crisply molded with no flash, minimal sink areas and almost no ejector pin marks in areas where they will be seen after construction. There is no interior, nor does it appear that the gun can elevate, however, the turret can be made to rotate. Tracks are vinyl and strangely, they come in two sections per side. Why they were not made in one piece is a bit odd.

Instructions are a huge improvement over earlier versions. For one thing, they are in color and produced on high quality glossy paper. Though still mostly in Russian except for an abbreviated historical section (as I copied for the intro), the color is a most pleasing addition. Glue areas are shown in red against a nearly photo-real green background. Intermediate painting during construction is provided. The color guide provides generic and Model Master references. Markings are provided for two vehicles, both in a similar dark green color and both nearly the same in terms of markings. The decals are still very difficult to see against the ivory background but appear to be fairly well printed.


If your tastes lean toward somewhat modern Soviet and Russian military vehicles, then this is a kit that you should seriously consider adding to your collection.

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