KIT: Attack Hobbies 1/72 Munitionsfahrzeug 38 (t) ausf M
KIT #: 72821
PRICE: $19.98 (17.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes etched brass fret


This looks very much like a 'cargo only' version of a SPG based on a Czech chassis. My usual attempt at using Google to come up with anything meaningful for this section failed miserably so I can only assume that these were built in relatively small numbers to accompany SPG companies. A useful place for spare parts as well when the going got tough!


Attack Hobbies kit is undoubtedly pretty much the same as the SPG that they do, but without the gun and with an ammo storage box in its place and a cover over the old gun opening. The molding on the parts is not bad at all for this scale. A bit softer in terms of detail than you'd expect from someone like Revell AG, but overall, not at all bad. There were no nasty sink marks that would be seen when the kit was finished, no ejector pin marks to mar surface detail and no flash. The etched fret is for some braces, a small storage box and the guard over the muffler. Tracks are injected plastic that one bends when needed to go over drive sprockets. The sprockets themselves only have teeth where there is no track so installing the tracks should be a pretty simple job.

The instructions are on a single sheet of low grade paper with warnings, parts layout and decal/painting info on one side. The other side has five major construction steps with several smaller views to ensure that you get the parts properly aligned and in the right place. There is a painting guide for two vehicles that is repeated in color on the back of the box. One is in panzer yellow with green splotches as found in France during 1944. The other is from the Eastern front during the same time period and is in white.  A small decals sheet accompanies the kit and really, all that is used is the insignia. It is well printed and should work just fine.


This adds to the rather unusual subjects that Attack Hobbies has done from time to time. For those of you into small scale dioramas, it will come in very handy. It looks like it will be a relatively straight forward build with few surprises and enough detail to satisfy.

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