ICM 1/35 Artillery of the Serbian Army






For Russian and old Warpac countries


Scott Van Aken


'20th Century Local Conflicts' Series





 Jugoslavia has always been well known for its eclectic array of various types of equipment in its army. There have been everything from WW 2 vintage equipment (both German and Russian) to the most modern Soviet then Russian gear. This kit takes advantage of that by providing a bit of each. First of all, the WW2 stuff. The artillery piece is a Soviet MS-3 100mm field gun. It entered Soviet service in the latter part of 1944, taking part in the last push to Berlin. This weapon also has been used in virtually every conflict that Russia or its former states have been involved in since that time.

The other item is the Ural 4320 army truck. This workhorse was developed in 1973 and has been in continuous production since 1976. It has a superb suspension for rough terrain and its ease of maintenance and servicing make it very popular with the armies of dozens of nations around the world.




First the MS-3 Field Gun. It is molded in light grey plastic on two large sprues with superb detail. There only minor flash on some of the 159 parts, and those ejector pin marks that are visible are in locations where it would be simple to remove. A thorough study of the parts show no sink marks, but the kit does need to be washed in warm, soapy water to remove the mold release agent otherwise paint won't stick to it. The instructions for this kit are eight pages: The first giving a brief history with the next four giving a nine-step construction sequence. There are a lot of small pieces in this kit, but it looks like it will build quite well. Areas not to be glued include the wheels and the bearing for the long support arms. The next two pages show diagrams of the gun in firing and towing position. Finally the last page gives a parts breakdown and a color guide with both Humbrol and Testors colors.

Sorry that I don't show the sprues for these kits as there are just too many to adequately show in this preview.

The truck is equally detailed as the field gun and its 291 parts are molded in olive drab plastic. This kit is on five large sprues. There is also a bag with clear parts and rubber tires which look just superb! There are no noticeable sink marks or flash on any of the pieces. There are a huge number of bits in this kit so it isn't a weekend project by any means! The instruction sheet is 12 pages with the first being a history and the last being a color chart, again using Humbrol and Testors numbers. The second sheet shows the parts layout. The next eight include the twelve-step construction process. It is obvious from the construction sequence that this truck is meant to have steerable front wheels and a partially working suspension. Just to give you an idea of the detail, the engine alone consists of 32 parts!! The next to last page is a painting diagram showing standard, desert/mountain, and winter camouflage.

All in all this looks like a really superb kit. Those people I know who have built ICM armor kits have praised them for their accuracy and engineering. This one looks like it will be a real beauty. Look for a build up review in the coming months.

Thanks to the nice folks at ICM USA for the review sample. You can find ICM kits at any of the better hobby shops. Visit their site on the web.