KIT: AMT 1/35 M998 Hummer with Tow Missile
KIT #: 8672
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Looks like an Italeri kit to me.


The combat experience of the 70's was the catalyst that spurred the armed forces of the US to consider a new comprehensive wheeled vehicle for the 80's and beyond. The new vehicle was to replace several vehicles such as the early M151 Jeep, M274 half ton Mule and several others. Further, the new vehicle would have to be air transportable, reliable, adaptable easily maintained and survivable.

In 1981, three major US companies began the design of a vehicle around these parameters. After a field test 'drive off' was held in 1982, American Motors General, now a subsidiary of LTV Aerospace, came out the winner.

On march 1983, they were awarded the contract for this remarkable new vehicle. Designated the 998 series 1 1/4 ton 4x4 High Mobility Multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV), AM chose to name it HUMMER.

Although standing only 69 inches high, the HUMMER has 16 inches of ground clearance. It has a full independent suspension and all time four wheel drive with a 300 mile range. It is powered by a 6.2 liter V-8 diesel with automatic transmission. There are numerous configurations for the HUMMER and this kit is the M-1036 TOW missile carrier.


This looks like an Italeri kit, mostly due to the very crisp molding and the plethora of ejector pin marks on one side of all the major molds. This includes the interior doors and the underside of the chassis, areas where removal of these pesky things will be nigh near impossible.

The general detailing is excellent with superbly done moldings (aside from the ej pin marks). There is a complete chassis with all the suspension pieces very nicely done. This will fit to the underside of the body and comprises half of the construction sequences. If one doesn't want to add the TOW missile and top, it can be completed as a pick-up version. The TOW missile option also includes a storage rack for additional rounds. The doors are a single piece that fits into the body along with the top. I'd think it would be easy to cut these to show off the interior, but again, those ejector pin marks will have to be filled prior to doing this.

Instructions are very well done and show all the various colors that will be needed during constructions. There is only one decal option, but my decals were missing from my kit (another raffle prize that is incomplete, a seeming common situation). I have a set of Verlinden dry transfers that will work for the external markings, though nothing for the instruments and internal placards. The painting guide shows the three color scheme of Olive Drab, Tan and Black. Only generic colors are given with no FS 595 references.


Overall, this looks like it will make into a very nice model. Ejector pin marks aside, it is quite well detailed and very well molded. It is also a wheeled vehicle so no fussing with tracks and road wheels! Should make a great kit for the enthusiast and though AMT/ERTL is no longer doing model kits, this one should be very easy to find at swap meets and from show vendors.

November 2006

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