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Scott Van Aken




Back in the late 40's and the 50's, space travel was something that one saw in the movies or read in books. It wasn't yet a reality. However, much research was done to learn about the earth's atmosphere. This research was performed by balloons and by what were called sounding rockets. These rockets were designed to take instrument packages high into the atmosphere to record data such as atmospheric pressure and temperatures.

They were also used to gather information on cosmic rays and to sample what was above the stratosphere. The Aerobee rockets were designed in the late 1940s and was able to carry a 200 pound payload. The original Aerobee was a single stage rocket that had a very impressive altitude capability, thanks to its relatively small size and large fuel load. The addition of a booster rocket made it into an Aerobee-Hi and even greater altitudes could be reached. Much of the firing of these rockets took place at White Sands missile range in New Mexico, though they were also launched from shipboard (the USS Norton Sound) and from other locations in the US and overseas.


  This is really an oldie, but goodie. To my knowledge, this is the first time it has been reissued since its initial issuing in 1958. It is built to what was then the standard for military subjects: 1/40 scale. When Tamiya got heavily involved in doing armor subjects, the scale they chose was 1/35 and it proved the death knell to all the Adams, Renwal and Revell kits that were built to 1/40

There are two parts to this kit. One is the rocket itself, which composes about a dozen parts. The bulk of the kit is devoted to the launch trailer. As with other models of the time, it had to have working parts. On this kit it is the launch arm which can be elevated as desired. Having built the old V-2 kit several times, I can tell you that these features work quite well. Even more so if they are carefully built and lubricated.

The instructions are exactly like they were in 1958, which means they are well done and have a photo-like quality to the construction steps. The decals are OK, but not really that great. They are quite thick and very glossy. I'm not sure they will work too well, but until one tries, one does not know.

I liked it when Revell reissued all their older kits in the original boxing. Somehow, I missed these when they were reissued, but they can be found at swap meets. I have a bunch of these space and military kits as they do bring back fond memories from my long ago childhood.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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