Hasegawa 1/72 Jeep with trailer & 37mm


31101 (MT 1)


5.95 MSRP


three vehicles


Scott Van Aken


Includes crews


There is a ton of material on the Willys Jeep on the internet and in various books. I'd be going in way over my head to try to do any meaningful history of this vehicle, so I suggest a good 'Google' if you want more info.




Though the date on the box is 1991, I have to think that this kit has been around for a LOT longer than that. Hasegawa got into 1/72 military vehicles in the late 1960s and early 1970, producing a fine line of products that are still very nice. Parts are well molded and while not quite as crisp as one would expect from a totally modern kit, it is still very well done. Flash is minimal as are sink marks. That cannot be said of ejector pin marks as nearly  every part has at least one if not more on one side. Every figure you see has been 'shot in the back'. While many of these marks will be invisible once built, there are many that will not. Particularly difficult to remove will be those on the underside of the chassis and those that are inside the fenders.

The kit offers more than just a jeep for the price. Also included are a trailer and a 37mm anti-tank gun. Apparently towing both is beyond the jeep as there is no additional pintle on the back of the trailer for the gun so it is one or the other. As with the jeep itself, these are well molded and there are even some jerry cans to install in the trailer. Instructions are what one expects from Hasegawa and provide Gunze paint references. Markings are for three vehicles and since the decals are Hasegawa house versions, I expect them to be a bit thick, a bit transparent and very iffy about using any setting solutions.



1/72 aircraft dioramists will find that this kit has a number of uses and those who just like small scale military vehicles will also enjoy building this one.

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