Hasegawa 1/72 SdKfz 162/1




$9.98 MSRP


Generic sheet


Scott Van Aken


2001 boxing - first run



As the production of the PzKpfw IV began, Krupp also developed a different type of combat vehicle using the same transmission and running gear of the PzKpfw IV chassis with a completely new and different hull and superstructure. It was to have cleanly-sloped welded armor surfaces to give maximum shot deflection, and a powerful gun for specialized tank-hunting missions. Vomag actually got the subcontract and was responsible for production of this new vehicle. It was supposed to house the same long gun as that of the Panther but during 1943 there was a shortage of the weapon so it had to settle for the 75mm L/48 instead; and the vehicle was designated Jagdpanzer IV. When the L/70 gun was installed in 1944 they were renamed Jagdpanzer IV/70 or sometimes as Panzerjäger IV. The longer gun actually made the vehicle nose-heavy and reduced mobility and overall performance. About 1,500 Jagdpanzer IVs and 300 IV/70s were eventually produced. Most of the vehicles went to the Eastern Front where they proved invaluable to the Panzer divisions. It was a powerful tank killer on a reliable chassis and was well-liked by crewmen.



Small scale armor has become quite popular over the last decade. Whether it is because most of the subjects have been done in 1/35 or whether folks just like fitting more models on a shelf, the number of subjects done in 1/72-1/76 has really grown. Hasegawa has had a line of 1/72 military kits out for quite some time, but has recently been doing new ones. This is one of those newer kits. Unlike a number of the companies doing newer kits, Hasegawa has stuck with the flexible plastic track. For me, it is preferred to individual links, especially in this scale, though there are kits that have the tracks in several large sections so that one doesn't have to do individual parts except for those areas around the sprockets.

The molding of the kit is first-rate, with parts being crisply and cleanly molded in Hasegawa's usual grey plastic. There is no flash and I was unable to spot any sink areas. There are quite a few ejector pin marks, but they seem to be so placed that when the kit is built, they will be invisible. If the number of parts for the price equals a value for the money, then this one certainly is a great value. There are LOTS of parts, many of them contained in the drive train with lots of road wheels and return rollers. There are other small parts for the side skirt hangers and bits on the body itself. The hatches can be displayed open, but since there are no figures and no interior, there seems to be no point in doing so.

Instructions are typical of Hasegawa with well done construction steps and painting info given in Gunze and generic terms. The only scheme given in one in 'ambush' colors from the Battle of the Bulge. The decal sheet is pretty much a generic one designed for this and an earlier version. They are a bit thick and the whites are a bit transparent. If you can find aftermarket ones or paint masks, then that would be the best way to go.



It looks like a real winner to me. Well molded, and though it will be a fussy build because of all the parts, it is no more so than any other armored vehicle. If you are into small scale armor, then this looks to be a winner.

Review kit courtesy of me.

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