KIT: Zvezda 1/35 Panzer Grenadiers
KIT #: 3582
PRICE: $6.98 (6.46 at Squadron)
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures in the box


It seems that if a company gets involved in doing a lot of military vehicles, it is inevitable that they bring out a series of figures to go along with some of those kits. This particular set is for Panzer Grenadiers, those guys who go along with armor to provide some protection from enemy attack. Now Zvezda is not beyond reboxing other kits, and I know so little of the subject of figures that I'm unsure if these have been released at some time or another before. Frankly I doubt it as there is a marking on the sprue that says 'Zvezda 2004'. That leads me to believe this is a new mold set.

Molding is very good, with only a touch of mold seam on the parts to clean up before assembly. No ejector pin marks, no sink areas on the thick bits to worry about. Much of the equipment on these four figures is separate so you can choose to include it or not as you wish. There are three steel helmets, one with a cloth covering and one soft cap. Two of the figures carry rifles and two use machine guns. The three poses are such that they can be used in nearly any diorama that you would pick.

There are no specific construction guides for these figures. On the back of the box are two views of each figure showing where the parts are to be placed. This also doubles as a painting guide, though no specific paints or colors are given. The poses are somewhat different from those shown on the box art, so the buyer needs to be aware of this when looking at other figure sets. No decals are provided.


I'm sure that you who do military vehicles and dioramas will find this set quite useful. The poses are dramatic and the cost is quite low, making this set a very good value for the money.

January 2005

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