Zvezda 1/72 Ancient Egyptian Infantry

KIT: Zvezda 1/72 Ancient Egyptian Infantry
KIT #: 8051
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Semi soft plastic


This set is part of Zvezda's growing line of war-gaming figures. This time it includes Egyptian Infantry from around 2000-1650 BC. The time of the Middle Kingdom and Egypt's time of some expansion and dealings with surrounding nations.

The set is in a pinkish semi-soft plastic and contains three identical sprues along with one smaller sprue. The identical sprues contain Swordsmen, Spear Men, a Javelin thrower, and axemen. Most of the actual combat was hand to hand so one would think there would be more axemen and swordsmen. There are actually either six or three of each figure. The single figures are the General, Standard Bearer, Musician and one Spearman with his shield on the ground as if protecting the General.

There are instructions that basically show how to glue on shields or spears. There is also a table that includes movement, attack, defense and so on for each of the various figures to be used with the war game. No painting instructions are provided, but there is a set of color images on the back of the box and you do have the box art to provide additional inspiration.


A fine set of figures for the wargamer or the youngster who just wants some ancient 'army men'.

January 2008

My thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the review kit. Get yours today at your local hobby shop or ask them to order it in for you.

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