Zvezda 1/72 German Regular Infantry

KIT #: 6176
PRICE: $4.95 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Adding to their ever-expanding sets of wargaming figures, we have this one from Zvezda. This set is five German army infantry figures. There are five regular soldiers and an officer in this set. These five figures all have separate arms or weapons. Those with separate weapons have the ends of the arms molded to the weapon with the attachment point on the chest of the figure. The set includes the usual base and for all five and what look like two smaller two-figure bases. At least, that is what I think those are.

No decals are provided nor is there a painting guide. The set does include assembly instructions,  a movement card and also a movement flag to place on the set.


This kit is part of a number specially done for Zvezda's 'Art of Tactic' game system. Though designed as wargaming  figures, there is no reason why they would not make nice models on their own.

November 2012

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