Zvezda 1/72 British 3" Mortar w Crew

KIT #: 6168
PRICE: $4.95 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Not a lot of British stuff done in this series, but things are moving ahead in that area. This set from Zvezda is also intended to be part of the growing war gaming series. This one is a bit more complex than some and so the kit comes with assembly instruction. There are four figures with separate arms, the mortar and a nicely done base that includes shell baskets on the ground.

No decals are provided nor is there a painting guide. The set does include a movement card and also a movement flag to place on the set.


This kit is part of a number specially done for Zvezda's 'Art of Tactic' game system. Though designed as wargaming  figures, there is no reason why they would not make nice models on their own.

November 2012

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