Zvezda 1/100 PzKpfw.III

KIT #: 6162
PRICE: $4.95 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Continuing with Zvezda's wargaming items for their Art of War series, we have a Panzer III flame thrower tank. Now there really is little if any external difference between this and a standard Panzer III as the liquid tank was kept inside. This tank does have a rear bustle that may not have been on the standard tank to help you differentiate it from others.

As usual, it is not a complex kit and can be snapped together in a few minutes. The kit includes a movement card for the game and an identification flag that fits into a hole on the bottom of the hull. These sorts of kits are not only good for the war gamer for which they were designed, but also nice for the new modeler or those who want something rather small for the display shelves.

December 2012 

Thanks towww.dragonmodelsusa.com for the preview kit. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer.

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