Zvezda 1/100 SdKfz 222

KIT #: 6157
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Continuing with Zvezda's wargaming items for their Art of War series, we have a German SdKfz 222 armed scout car. This rather neat looking vehicle was prominently used in the first half of the war. Mounting a 20mm cannon with coaxial machine gun, it was able to get itself out of trouble if caught in a fight. It was also fairly quick as a scouting vehicle should be, and able to bring back its crew and information in a timely manner.

Typical of Zvezda's wargaming kits, this one is a snap kit and has a minimal parts count, thogh there are more bits than what one finds on similar tank kits. It is detailed enough for those who want a quick build for the shelves, yet perfect for wargamers who are often not scale modelers. Like all the kits in this series, the 222 comes with a plastic flag that mounts under the chassis, and also contains a movement card.

Whether you are a wargamer, or just want something a bit different for a small diorama, these sorts of kits are ones that I think you will like.

October 2012 

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