Zvezda 1/72 German Medical Personnel 1941/43

KIT #: 6143
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

This set adds to the growing list of figures designed for Zvezda's Art of War wargaming series. These items are generally snap fit so that folks who buy them can get right into using them in their games. Many, however, will paint them as shown on the box art.

The kit includes not only the four figures as shown, but also a set of bases. As you can see from the illustration to the left, one set holds two figures. The other holds all four of them and has a movement flag as well. The kit comes with a movement card that is appropriate for the series.

In all, it is a nice addition to the series and can be used for other purposes aside from the war game. Those who do small scale dioramas will also find these to be most welcome.

October 2012 

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