Warriors 1/35 USMC Assault Group (Iwo Jima/Okinawa)

KIT #: WA35667
PRICE: $24.99 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin Figures

This latest resin figures from Warriors is for a pair of USMC figures such as were typical during the last year of the Pacific war.  The two figures include a full body with separate head, arms,  and equipment. A lot of standard gear is molded onto the body sections, and the standing figure has a separate gun barrel end and knife.

The molding is first rate with no molding glitches at all. Just the usual flash and molding stubs that one gets with resin kits. No instructions per se, but there is a small color image on the container that could be used to help assemble and paint the figure. One problem with just my set is that the packers seemed to have omitted the left arm of the crouched figure. This does happen from time to time and is not endemic with the other sets.

Overall, a nice figure set and one that would look good in a diorama or standing alone.

April 2010

My thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. Get yours today at your local retailer or have them get it for you.

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