Kit: Space Girl

Scale: 80mm

Kit Number: BX 36

Manufacturer: Phoenix

Price: $24.95

Media: White metal

Decals :none

Accuracy: I like it

Overall: see review

Comments: If you have read the other reviews on Phoenix miniatures there is little else to add as far as construction goes as it is the same. What makes this one a bit different is the use of colors. As you can tell from the title, this one is a nude from space. She is wearing little else than short boots and an air tank. She is holding a laser pistol and is walking on a pocked-marked surface. Judging from her attitude and the buoyancy of her upper torso as well as a floating halo of hair, she is in a near weightless condition.

What makes this one a bit unusual is the color choices. Since there is so much skin, I knew I was doomed if I did anything European or Oriental. I took an easy out and did a lovely light green for skin tone. Her boots are purple. The tether harness and pleated areas attached to the boots and at the shoulders where the air tank rig is located are in a greenish gold. This color was mixed and worked out quite well. The air lines reaching from the tank to her mouth (no helmet) were done in a metallic color drybrushed with brass as is her pistol. The hair is a greenish brown that is again drybrushed with brass and washed with a darker greenish brown. Her eyes are bright yellow with red pupils and this gives her an other worldly look. I have gotten several positive compliments on this one and it encouraged me to try some more.

I keep the figurines under a dome made to display watches. These are small enough to hold the figurine and keep dust and finger off them. They are a real break from regular modeling and I would recommend them to all. Again these particular kits are not for children due to the subject.

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