MM Collection 1/8 Shadow








Scott Van Aken





Here's another animé figure about which I know zilch, nada,nothing. I can tell you that it appears to be a ninja fighter of some sort whoseweapon of choice is a rather wicked looking glove that is tipped with steelrazors. Naturally the female figure is very un-Japanese in having a rathersubstantial bust, but that makes it more appealing to the overwhelmingly malebuying public!



 The kit itself is made from a very well molded whitishresin. There are a few pin holes, mostly in the two side pieces, but nothinglike the mess I have seen on other garage kits. You'll also notice that one ofthe blades was broken off the glove during shipment, again, not a big deal. Ifyou have reached the level of doing resin kits, your skills should be sufficientto take care of the problems you'll find.

Molding blocks are of a minimal size so should be easy toremove. Probably the most difficult part of the build will be washing the partswithout breaking off any more bits, as some do appear to be quite fragile. 

The parts breakdown is quite interesting. Instead of given arelatively complete toro the upper legs are broken into three parts with a rightside, left side and separate crotch area. A similar breakdown is for the uppertorso with a right and left side with the cleavage being a separate piece thatnestles in between. This will not only help with painting (if you prepaintassemblies), but will also help to give a greater illusion of depth to theparts. As with most figure kits, there is no base so you are on your own todevise a way to keep it upright, especially as the figure is posed walking onher toes! Not sure just how the cutesy bows figure in with the outfit as I knowof very few ninjas who are so adorned.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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